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Alvin Chan (James Dyson Award)

EPMUS: Cyclist Emergency Protection System



EPMUS is a 3-pronged approach towards preventing and protecting cyclists during the event of a road accident. Firstly, EPMUS is capable of displaying left and right signals to inform surrounding motorists of the cyclist’s intentions which reduces any miscommunication on either end. Secondly, EPMUS with its onboard sensors is capable of projecting an audio horn that warns motorists as well as informing the cyclist of oncoming traffic approaching from the rear. Lastly and most importantly, EPMUS is equipped with left and right airbags that are directed to provide physical protection to the cyclist in the event of an unavoidable collision. Onboard sensors allow the airbags to have complete inflation in less than half a second before the impact occurs and protects the cyclist during impact. EPMUS is an accumulation of a yearlong research with ideas that spans into the future and possible implementation in motorcycles as well.



The growing number of cyclists worldwide co-relates to the ever increasing number of road fatalities, Epmus enables cyclists to feel safe through a robust safety system. These cyclists would have a device that supports them throughout an accident from prevention to physical protection, giving them control of situations rather than being mere victims. Besides functional needs; the intention was to realize a product that instilled a sense of safety and confidence. EPMUS was designed to be more than just a mere protection system but also as an emotional tool to allow cyclist to gain confidence on roads whilst being in control of their life.


Development Process:

With research, 60% of bicycle to vehicular accidents were found to have occurred along the left and right sides of the bicycle, the airbag protection is directed towards inflating along the left and right sides of the bicycle, protecting them before an impact. Current new automated technologies implemented in cars today were a source of technology that clearly supported the need, being intelligent enough to gain information through environmental awareness through a combination of sensors. In this way, EPMUS sensors are able to calculate relative speed, approach, range of approaching vehicles that prevents any false inflation and inflate only when necessary. Further research was conducted to ensure that the system would work in the present and future with an affordable cost in mind. Detailed surveys conducted revealed that the safety that EPMUS provided far outweighed its costs and it was considered as an investment for all road cyclists.

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