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DR2000 Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design enables student to extract the abstract quality of aural effects (both natural and man-made sound). Student will be taught how this abstract extraction can be applied as a thematic design key. The results of this course will be reflected through the cohesive and narrative qualities of a series of functional or sculptural or decorative objects.

Conceptual 17/18

Year: 2017/2018

Tutor: Peter Chen & Jeffrey Hong

*Student work from tutor Chalit Kongsuwan's class.


Year: 2014/2015

Tutors: Chalit Kongsuwan & Peter Chen

*Student work from tutor Peter Chen's class.

Year: 2011/2012

Tutor: Fabrizio Galli


Year: 2011/2012

Tutor: Fabrizio Galli


Year: 2007/2008

Tutor: Fabrizio Galli

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