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Applications to the Open Call for solutions to the collateral issues of COVID-19 are now open — register interest by April 2. The widespread of the virus has resulted in challenges beyond health implications, putting significant strains to civil societies and governments around the world.

Global Grad Show invites graduates, undergraduates and professors from all disciplines, academic institutions and countries to submit proposals that can mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

  • The proposals must identify and address a critical issue surrounding COVID-19, which can range from home quarantine to decontamination of public areas, to enhanced patient-screening methods and statistical disease-prediction models.

  • Submissions will be assessed by a panel of experts in health, innovation and technology and any selected proposal will be supported through an acceleration programme, and may be further funded to be produced and distributed at scale.

  • Any selected proposal will receive an academic award in the form of a scholarship — covering the annual tuition fee of the selected student or establishing a research scholarship of equivalent value for the department of the selected professor.

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