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Workshop: Understanding the Creative Media Sector

Unserstanding the Media Sector.jpg

Photo Credit: Ms. Jackie Wong

Date: 13 February 2019

Time: 01:30 to 04:00PM

Venue: ADM B1-17 A/B

Guest Speaker: Mr. Nicholas Lee, Founder and Managing Director Group X

Organized by Career & Attachment office (CAO) and ADM Career Coach Jackie Wong, the workshop was conducted to help students understand the local media industry trends and formulate contract/quotation for freelance designers. 


Part 1: Industry Talk

Nicholas shared with us his experiences working in the media industry, managing client expectation, differences working in MNC vs SME and working full-time vs freelancing.

Feedback Verbatim:

 ‘made me aware of how I’m so not prepared to work’

 ‘the talk motivates me to improve myself’

 ‘clear facts and stories about the industry and how I can plan for jobs and works’

 ‘more aware which fields are currently thriving and this will help me to think about possible pathways to go in the future’

 ‘motivates me to work harder and plan early’

 ‘the thought of MNC or SME would be a better, its very realistic’

 ‘helped me to make my decision whether I want to do freelance or full time and whether want to stay in media industry’

 ‘maybe I can freelance now’

Part 2: Workshop

Students were divided into groups to present two briefs, each consisting of: 

1.       What goes into a contract/ quotation

2.       How to quote

3.       Presenting the brief

Feedback Verbatim:

 ‘‘it allowed us to feel more comfortable in negotiating a reasonable contract’

 ‘'I can better do quotation for freelance jobs’

 ‘‘gave me insights into what I should look out for when presenting the cost and production process to the client’

 ‘‘helped me to understand the key document needed for freelancing persuade me to go for more internships’

 ‘‘motivates me to work beyond school projects and strive to exceed expectations. It gives me a clearer picture of my career planning

 ‘‘before the workshop, I thought freelance was easy and relaxing with good pay. After the workshop, it makes me think twice about freelancing as it can be very competitive globally. As a fresh graduate, I won’t. but  in the future, I might’

 ‘'freelancing has both its pro and con. It is a tough market as there are many freelancers in the world competing with great prices and quality of work. Yes will pursue, I am open to this option.’

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