Final Year Project (2009)

PRO495 - Final Year Project

Tutors: Suresh Sethi, Peer Sathikh, Fabrizio Galli, Jeffrey Hong


To prepare yourself as a qualified professional for the future, you are required to have the skills and talents including:


1) The ability to research, organize and innovate

2) The capacity to develop appropriate answers to new or newly emerging problems

3) The skill to test these answers through experimentations, computer modeling, working prototypes or real world test run

4) The training to communicate such developments through drawings, models, mock-ups and feasibility studies, video or films, as well as through verbal, computer generated or written reports

5) The talent to combine form-giving with rigorous technical considerations and with a sense of humane and social factors and aesthetic enchantment

6) The wisdom to anticipate the environmental, ecological, economic and political consequences of design intervention

7) The ability to work with people from many different cultures and different disciplines.- Victor Papanek


Designers no longer ask merely “how does it look?” or “how does it work?” but also “how does it relate?”You are expected to develop and execute a relevant design backed up by research, a design methodology and a design philosophy. Your project should identify a design issue relating to human needs and desires. It should reflect issues that are currently of concern in the design world. You have to ask yourself why it is worth doing and how your design will improve the context. The subject must be relevant in terms of innovation, feasibility and technical support.


The proposal should be appropriate to your interests and ability and reflect the design knowledge learned in the 3 year study. You must clearly explain which are the expectations from your research. You must present a detailed plan of studies and detailed schedule of theoretical and practical workflow. You have freedom to explore any topic that interests you.