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Marina Bay
9 March - 1 April 2018

​In order to foster interdisciplinary and collaborative learning across NTU, Asst. Prof. Kristy H.A. Kang developed an experimental applied learning experience for students in the School of Art Design and Media (ADM) and The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEM) to work together across courses and schools.  Four teams comprising students in ADM's “User Experience in Design” course in collaboration with students from Prof. Chua Hock Chuan's IEM "Design and Innovation" course developed proposals for the 2018 edition of the iLight Marina Bay festival.  The projects were formally presented at the URA and two out of four were invited to represent NTU and participate in iLight 2018.

With the support of the URA and iLight festival organizers, a team of NTU faculty and staff including Profs. Peer Satikh, Laura Miotto, Jeffrey Hong, and the NTU Museum helped the students to develop their proposals from concept to fabrication and exhibition for iLight 2018

Project Description:

Group members:

Sustainability is essential to various parts of our lives, including our well-being, happiness and health. Revolving around the theme of well-being and social sustainability, Light Play encourages relaxation through play. This installation aims to let the visitors who are interacting with it to open up and engage with one another, reminding them to loosen up and get in touch with the child in them.

School of Art Design and Media

Yang Kaixin (Project Manager)

Joy Tay Yi Le

Valerie Ye Min

Timo Kleinememier


Information Engineering & Media

Farhan Arif Bin Abdul Razak (Leader)

Zhao Xiangling

Than Duc Thang

Project Description:

Description: Singapore is listed in a Science Advances study as one of the most light polluted cities in the world. As a result, the stars in the night sky are invisible to many Singaporeans. Starlight aims to inspire viewers of the magic of star lights, and through their participation bring back the stars to the city.

Group members:

School of Art Design and Media 

Tan Guan Yi (Team Leader)

Tan Li Xuan

Jeremy Ng Cheong Wong

Dhea Mariesta

Elizabeth Klare


Information Engineering & Media

Chen Wen Xin(Team Leader)

Hao Anran

Justin Goh Kheng Zhong

Gao Youyou

Ivan Tai Wei Zhong(Team Leader)

Julius Quah Zhong Xiang

Lim Mingrui

Wong Qing Yi Lydia

Ling Xi We

Jong Zhi Liang Justin

Benny Chua Wei Liang

Ng Jia Jia

Fong Yi Qing

Tay Kia Khee Eileen

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