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Laser Cutting



Work Area - 960 X 460 mm (Spirit)


Operating laser-cutting machine can be a very tedious process. Operating the machine without taking safety precautions can jeopardise the operation of the machine and even your health. Hence, it is very important to follow the instructions. Listed are steps showcasing the proper way of operating the laser-cutting machine safely. Please refer to the list of settings that we have provided for optimal cut and quality.


1) Preparing File (Export from Rhino)

Vectors are needed in the CorelDRAW for clean and efficient laser cutting. Rhino is one of those softwares that exports vector curves and shapes. *.DXF format is the optimal format to be used in the laser cutting.

2) Starting the Laser Cutter

Before using the machine, please ensure that everything that's necessary to operate the machine safely.


3) Turning on the Compressed Air

Here is another clip that shows you how to turn on and adjust the compressed air. Please do this step as soon as the machine is started,

4) Laser Focusing

Laser focusing determines the laser intensity that passes through the materials that you are cutting. Laser will not cut properly and efficiently if it is off-focused. In some cases, if may even ignite, damaging the laser machine in the process. Watch the clip to learn how to focus manually.

5) CorelDraw Settings

In CorelDRAW X3, follow the instructions in the video for proper settings. This step is very important as it will determine the final outcome of the cutting.

6) Print Layout & Setup

Setting page layout helps calibrating the canvas dimensions that you are printing on.

Before proceeding to printing (laser cutting), Print Setup is an important procedure as it determines the nature of this cutting session. A list of settings and details has been provided on the right side of the page for reference

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