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LTA Smart Bus Challenge 2018


Have you ever imagined what the buses of the future will be like? Do you have ideas about how we can enhance a commuter’s journey?


Initiated by Land Transport Authority, Smart Bus Challenge 2018 showcased student's creativity to transform the future of buses in Singapore. Students were challenged to enhance commuters travel experience with smart technological features.

Congratulations to our students from ADM, Product Design and Interactive Media to receive the merit award!


Project Description:

Feliciana Natali 

Gladys Loh

Orion Dai Yuhui

Wong Song Yu 

The Omnibus is designed as a futuristic public bus that caters to different groups of travellers.

It has an interior that is adaptable to different crowd sizes during peak and off-peak hours, as well as various smart ergonomic features to allow for a more comfortable ride. On board the bus are also navigation assistance systems to inform the travelers on their whereabouts as well as the upcoming stops.

Team S.O.N.G aims to improve the commuters' travel experience for all, and to give people an added incentive to take the public transport over their private cars.

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