P2P Design Workshop

Sponsored by School of Art, Design & Media, NTU
Featured in Singapore Design Festival
Organized by Asst Prof Fabrizio Galli


The three day workshop was hosted by School of Art, Design & Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological

University (NTU), Singapore from November 25 to November 27 2009 during the Singapore Design Festival.



Open P2P Design

Enabling Design 2.0 through Open Processes, Systems, Tools and Projects


"Imagining how to live, learn, work, and play together as a global community is the new challenge for Designers today. Open design model is an innovative introduction to carry out a system and therefore deliver more benefit to a community as a whole. It initiates a new collaborative process that eliminates boundaries between designers and the local and global constituents they serve. Open P2P Design is the application of Open Source methods to the creation of physical objects, media or systems. It enables multiple designers geographically dispersed to conduct the design process in a collaborative way, sharing the same design model.


Collaboration is thought of as joint problem solving, it means working with others with shared goals for which the team attempts to find solutions that are satisfying to all concerned.

The workshop will explore this new innovative process applying the Open Source methods to the creation of objects, systems, media or services.


The workshop will demonstrate and experiment with the collaborative Design process, where all information involved in creating the object or system is made available for the members of the network, including text, drawings, photographs and 3D computer aided design models, so collaborators or participants can freely re-create and help contribute to its further evolution."


The lectures presented in the workshop can be viewed online at: NTU Workshop:


01 What Is Open DesignNTU Workshop

02 What Is Open P2P DesignNTU Workshop

03 What Is The Distributed Manufacturing Scenario

Roger Pitiot

Professor in Design Management at IDAS-Hongik University - Seoul

Founder of «Alterdesign»

Roger Pitiot’s career spans 30 years. He has received numerous outstanding design awards. Roger is an ENSAD Fellow, an active design consultant, and a teacher. After graduation in 1976,  he joined the Design team of the SALOMON company, and participated in the settling of SX 90 the first SALOMON ski boot, designed with Roger Talon. He founded "Design Partners" known as DP in 1982, continuing the collaboration with SALOMON: the SX 91 ski-boot presented in 1985 became a classic in design. He taught in ENSAD from 1992 till 1994 in the Product Design department. Since 2000, he has been teaching in IDAS, (post graduate school of Hongik University) in Seoul, sharing his time between education, conferences and consulting in Asia and Europe. He now dedicates most of his time and research to promote and spread an alternative to the design mainstream.

Massimo Menichinelli 
Designer & Researcher
Founder of «Open p2p Design»