Patrick Liew Quek Choi

Assistant Manager, Product Design


Phone: (+65) 6514 1913

Office: ART B1-24

  • Industrial Craftsman Certificate;
  • Diploma in Fine Arts, Major in Sculpture and Minor in Ceramics;
Holding an Industrial Craftsman Certificate and a Diploma in Fine Arts, Major in Sculpture and Minor in Ceramics, Patrick Liew have won many awards, such as 3rd place in Redas Building Sculpture Competition; Certificate of Distinction from Phillipe Chariol Foundation; Commendation Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement from NAFA; 1st in Southaven Sculpture Competition.
His many years of working experience as a Toolmaker, Sculptor, Production Manager and Product Designer, has equipped him with wide array of skills such as CAD Solidworks; Rhino 3D; Sculpture Clay Modeling, Wax, Wood, Stone and Plaster Carving, Arc and Gas Welding; Mold Making RTV Silicon Rubber, Plaster of Paris and Fiber Glass Molds; Casting Lost Wax Casting, PU & PE Resins, Pewter, Plaster of Paris, Cement, Class Fiber Reinforce Concrete; Model Making Conventional Model Making, Rapid Prototyping (SRP, 3D printing, Laser cutting etc); Toolroom Machines CNC Machining, Conventional Milling and Turning, Surface and Cylindrical grinding, EDM, Wirecut EDM, CNC Optical Profile Grinding.
His significant contributions and works includes Mindef Landmarks 9th Division in Selarang Camp; Republic of Singapore Navy HQ at Tuas Naval Base; School of Infantry Specialist(SISPEC) Pasir Laba Camp; School of Basic Military Training at Pulau Tekong; Mindef G6 Best Combat Unit Trophy; Singapore Turf Club Singapore Racing Awards Trophy; Singapore Airlines Best Tour Agent Trophy.
He was also featured on articles "Best of East and West", Property Review and "Childhood Hobby Pays Off", New Paper, 12 May 1995.