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DR2004 Product Design II

Product Design II encourages students to explore the creation of product forms and details the relationship between form, usability (function), human factors, materials and manufacturing. Form-making techniques and visual thinking skills will be developed and an understanding of the interplay between formal and practical will be explored. Students will do projects centred around a given theme and will identify target market groups and develop in response forms and functions.

Year: 2019/2020

Tutor: Ka Wai


Year: 2015/2016

Tutor: Peer Sathikh & Jeffrey Hong


Year: 2014/2015

Tutor: Peer Sathikh


Year: 2013/2014

Tutor: Chalit Kongsuwan

Project Brief:

The paramount goal of this course is to enable student to interrelate materials (both natural & synthetic), form (the use of identical components), versatility

(stack-ability or modularity), sustainability (repair-ability or replace-ability), thrifty transportation (being flat packable & light in weight) and mass-produced consideration (minimizing production costs & maximizing time efficiency). Students will have to embody their final design through the combination of manual and mechanical usage. 

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