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DR2006 Product Design Seminar 

Product Design Seminar introduces students to the needs, perceptions and expectations of ‘the user’ of products, services and interfaces. It will develop in the student an introductory awareness of user behavior, ethnographic studies, usability testing and the evaluation of user requirements. Through group discussions and exercises, students will gain an understanding into how user centered design process will help build comfort, convenience and ease of use without compromising the performance of designed products.

Projects will address such total user experiences as: taking public transport, using air travel, eating at hawker centers, taking treatment at hospitals etc.focuses on the intermediate principles and techniques for the design, visualization and presentation of product designs. Building on the content and assignments learned from DR2005 Computer Aided Design I, students do a series of increasing complex assignments to develop their modelling and presentation skills. Workflows that serve various modelling and visualization tasks will also be covered, such as working from storyboards, camera settings and lighting and 2D image integration.