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PLATFORM @ International Furniture Fair 2009 

ADM Product Design was invited by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council to showcase their student works at PLATFORM at the International Furniture Fair in 2009 at the Singapore Expo.


The exhibits showcased are a selection of projects exploring different areas of interest. “Table Game” is a project about interactivity and entertainment. The tables are designed for normal use in a coffee shop (the ADM coffee shop), but they are also intended to create a playful situation among their users as well.“Self-portrait through an object” is a project oriented to the individual’s introspective exploration. Students were asked to design a table as a medium of self-expression, reflecting their personality and their wishes. “Design for Public Space” is a project focused on the ADM student's concept of space and common areas, with the objective of generating good ideas to be further developed and built on site.


Supervision & Booth Design Asst Prof. Fabrizio Galli, Asst Prof. Peer Sathikh, Lecturer Jeffrey Hong


Graphic Design Huang Yanying, Daniel Lim

Technical Assistance Liew Quek Choi Patrick, Frankie Tee Chor Hiong

With thanks to all who helped out Royston Phang, Tan Weihao, Parimala D/O Sivaraj, Nurhuda B.M. Khamis, Ler Rui Qi, Brian Yong, Victoria Koo, Sng Kai Lin

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