Rattan Lights Design Workshop

Product Design Year 2 & Year 3

Guest Design Workshop conducted by Professor AG Rao

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


A.G. Rao (Ananthapuram Gopinatha Rao) is a faculty member and professor at Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and was the Head of IDC during 1987-90. Rao was born in 1945. Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, he pursued his post graduate studies in Product Design at N I D, (Ahmedabad). In 1980, he spent 9 months in U.S.A. under a UNESCO fellowship, studying creativity at M.I.T (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and other places.


Rao was inspired by personal discussions with Charles Eames on his concerns of vanishing product traditions of India and need for its study in 1969. He took sabbatical leave for a year to study bamboo craft in North Eastern India.


For the last 10 years specializing in Bamboo Craft products, Rao developed a tool-kit and small technologies for bamboo, and established Bambu Studio at IDC giving a new direction to design in bamboo with Social cause. He initiated 20 mini bamboo clusters in the villages of India wit Design and Technology Assistance. He also started an Incubation company with social concern, ‘AG Bambu Style’.