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Shapes in Symmetry

shapes in symmetry-01.jpg


ADM Gallery 1

NTU School of Art, Design and Media

81 Nanyang Drive Singapore 637458

Exhibition Period:

28 Sept to 10 Nov 2018

Opening Hours: 

Mon - Fri

(10am to 5pm)


(12pm to 5pm) 

* Closed on Sundays, Public Holidays and Term holiday.

Shapes in Symmetry is a two-person exhibition featuring works by artists Chalit Kongsuwan and Grace Tan whose practices stem from their backgrounds in product and fashion design respectively. Drawing from working methodologies based on techniques of construction that engage with a wide range of materials, their works in the exhibition are also informed by the philosophies and processes in art history and Buddhist thought. 

In this exhibition, both artists play with a range of forms: circles, cones, rectangles, triangles and more, expanding upon the possible dimensions of these elementary models which gain their own momentum and aesthetic form through controlled improvisation and serial repetition. 

Taking inspiration from forms found in ascetic practices and monastic cultures, Chalit's works reference the humble alms bowl, developing from the primary structure of a vessel to create a series of objects that nonetheless maintain its principle of symmetry and equilibrium.


Departing from her earlier work with fabric and paper, Tan's presentation engages with pigments of art historical significance, ranging from ultramarine to cobalt to lapis lazuli to name a few, to create models and possible structures. Seen in this new body of sculptures are configurations derived from balancing positive and negative spatial dimensions to expand her geometric compositions, and based on a process of accrual and separation. 

Collectively, the works of Chalit and Tan also suggest the ubiquity of universal proportions that can reside in art, design and nature, as well as shape the form of things to come. 

Shapes in Symmetry

"One of the reasons why I love woodturning is because the reaction (outcomes) one has with wood promptly flows according to the action of a wood turner.

Similar to traditional Indian music (Tabla & Sitar) and improvisational Jazz which illustrate the synchronization between eyes, ears, hands and heart, my artefacts (a series of vessels, candle holders and wooden dolls) reflect the simultaneity and spontaneity between thought (mental action) and embodiment (physical action). This interaction coincides with the law of karma - which states that in order to get an honest reaction, designing and making should be a symbiotic relationship where both roles are inseparable.

With the regard of sustainability, a series of my sculptures is made of under-utilised color pencils and plantation grown timbers taken from dismantled pallets. They disclose the transformation (from defection to decoration) of defective pines caused by nails. With thoughtful observation & action, undervalued materials can be resurrected.

My exhibition ‘Shapes in Symmetry’ is aimed to stimulate and reconsider the current processes and systems of making that white-collar designers are often dictated by i.e.: a contrived format of design methodologies using Computer – Aided Design (CAD) and digital technologies such as 3D printers and CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control)."


- Dr Chalit Kongsuwan, 2018

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