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NTU Distinguished University Professor Medallion

Distinguished University Professor Medal

Associate Professor Peer M Sathikh, together with Lecturer Jeffrey Hong and Patrick Liew delivered the finished medallion for the NTU Distinguished University Professor award to NTU President, Prof Subra Suresh, the first recipient of this award, on 05 December 2018, in the presence of the Provost Prof Ling San and Vice President Prof Alan Chan.

ADM was commissioned by the President’s Office to design and develop the medallion for NTU Distinguished University Professorship. Associate Professor Peer M Sathikh and Lecturer Jeffrey Hong designed the medallion which was prototyped by Patrick Liew, Assistant Manager at the prototype lab. The medallion is manufactured in Singapore by ELM Industries Pte Ltd.

Conceived by Assoc Prof Peer M Sathikh, the medallion is inspired by the patterns from Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures of Singapore. Surrounding the central coat of arms of the university is a pattern derived from a square in the form of Indian kolam that includes subtle details from Chinese patterns at the four corners. Four triangular shapes along the outer periphery of the square pattern represent elements taken from Malay and Islamic traditions. The chain takes details from the kolam to further develop it depicting the patterns seen at each feather quill of a peacock. 

Article published by NTU ADM News & Event.

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